How Much Does A Decoration Waste Treatment Production Line That Processes 2 Million Cubic Meters Per

Published:2023-07-24 Author:ZhongYi

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Because most of the decoration waste is broken bricks, gravel or slabs and other decorative building materials, its weight is much higher than that of ordinary waste in the same volume. Compared with construction waste, the composition is more complicated, so more crushing and sorting is required. It can be recycled and reused. How to sort decoration waste, and what procedures are required to open a decoration waste disposal station?

The garbage sorting machine separates fragments of different particle sizes into several different layers through vibration, and sieves them multiple times through evenly distributed single-layer or multi-layer sieves. Particles larger than the sieve holes remain on the sieve and are called sieves on the sieve surface. Particles smaller than the sieve holes pass through the sieves on the sieve surface. The drum decorative garbage screen turns the garbage through the drum and classifies it through the screen plate, and the cost is relatively low.

The feed port of the rotary screen of the trommel screen can be designed according to the actual situation on site. It can smoothly feed and screen large quantities without special measures, and is easy to use on a large scale. Under the same size, the circle area is larger than other shapes, so the effective area for screening is larger, allowing the material to fully contact the screening, so the screening volume per unit time is larger. Due to its simple structure, convenient layout, novel and mature technology, it is easy to use on a large scale. Its own energy consumption is very small. The rotary screen motor developed by our factory has smaller power. Good working environment. The entire screen drum can be sealed with a sealing isolation cover. Circular mesh openings are compared to mesh openings of other shapes. When the name sizes are the same, the particle size of the objects in the sieve holes is smaller, and the drying area in the rectangular sieve holes is larger. Dry surface performance is light and the output is large. At this time, the particle size of the stone in the sieve holes exceeds the particle size of the stones in the round and square sieve holes. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of screening and classification, it is necessary to choose different screening and classification stones.

The automatic sorting equipment for decoration waste is a new breakthrough in the problems currently faced in the market. After being immersed in the decoration waste treatment market for many years, Zhongyi Mining Machinery has developed equipment in response to market shortcomings, which can effectively screen and filter light substances and light substances in decoration waste. Brick wood can also effectively separate and screen recycled aggregates! Zhongyi Mining Machinery Decoration Waste's fully automatic sorting equipment adopts the waste processing concept of "batch processing, pick-up and use", and effectively separates, The various components of decoration waste are processed and utilized to realize the harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction of waste. This technology has screening and a high degree of automation. While achieving volume reduction, volume reduction and harmless comprehensive treatment, it can also make greater use of garbage resources. It is the current comprehensive treatment technology equipment for urban decoration waste and fills the gap without garbage screening. The lack of equipment has enabled the disposal of urban decoration waste.

Affected by the epidemic and market conditions, prices this year are affordable, and manufacturers have implemented many preferential policies and financing policies. Regardless of price, choosing the right equipment manufacturer can not only reduce investment costs but also ensure future production.

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