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Construction Waste Treatment Plan

Construction Waste Treatment Plan

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Construction waste refers to the general term for slag (including engineering slag and shield slag), engineering waste, demolition waste, decoration waste and road waste, including new construction, expansion, reconstruction and demolition of various buildings, structures, pipe networks, etc. The spoil, slag and other waste generated by residents in the process of decorating their houses does not include construction waste that has been inspected and identified as hazardous waste. The composition of construction waste is complex and has obvious regional characteristics, but waste concrete and bricks account for a huge proportion.

Construction waste screening and processing equipment adopts the form of crushing and sorting, which can separate cement blocks, large bricks, bricks, ash, soil, scrap metal blocks and other materials. Among them, heavy materials such as cement blocks can be used as roadbed raw materials; wood blocks, paper scraps And light materials such as plastic bags can be used as fuel RDF rods.

Solution Configuration List

Construction Waste Configuration List-for Reference Only

SystemNumber of devices
Feeding SystemTwo Units
Broken SystemTwo Units
Pre-screening SystemOne Unit
Winnowing SystemFive Units
Screening SystemTwo Units
Iron Removal SystemOne Unit
Electronic Control SystemOne Unit

The core equipment of this configuration: chain plate feeder, rod screen, air separator, drum screen. This configuration list is for reference only.

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