Zhongyi Company Undertook The Construction Of Decoration Waste Treatment Production Line

Published:2023-07-17 Author:Sino-Italian E-commerce Department

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The staff of the decoration waste disposal center introduced the waste disposal production line to the students of the practice team of the School of Architectural Engineering of Wenzhou University

As a factory in Wenzhou that specializes in processing decoration waste, this project uses Zhengzhou Zhongyi construction and decoration waste treatment equipment. The production line configuration mainly includes: chain plate feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, light material winnowing machine, shredder Crusher and roller sand making machine, etc., mainly focus on the resource utilization of construction and decoration waste, and can process 400,000 cubic meters of construction and decoration waste every year.

Wenzhou college students visited the decoration waste treatment plant area

Wenzhou's construction and decoration waste treatment production line adopts the processing technology of "wind selection, shredding, multi-stage screening, crushing, magnetic separation and intelligent sorting" to gradually remove recycled materials, combustibles, organic matter and other materials in construction waste during the treatment process. After being separated, concrete blocks and ceramic tiles can be used as building aggregates. Scrap metal and waste wood can be recycled. The combustible materials can be sent to incineration power plants or made into RDF fuel rods through winnowing. The organic matter is decomposed and converted into harmless materials. materials, thereby realizing the classification and resource recycling of decoration waste.

Decoration waste disposal process

The construction and decoration waste treatment production line constructed by Zhongyi Company has truly solved the problem of decoration waste dumping and pollution in Wenzhou. It not only purifies the urban living environment, but also effectively alleviates the shortage of construction raw materials in coastal and plain areas.

Wenzhou college students discuss with staff of garbage disposal center

As the scale of urban construction continues to expand, it is increasingly difficult to dispose construction and decoration waste. The establishment of the Wenzhou Longwan District Construction and Decoration Waste Disposal Center provides a new solution for urban construction and decoration waste cleaning and solid waste recycling.

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