Zhongyi Model 2145 Mobile Bounce Screening Machine Successfully

Published:2023-08-04 Author:HWL

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Mobile bounce screen

Recently, a 2145-type mobile bounce screening machine was successfully installed in Zhengzhou Zhongyi factory (note: every piece of equipment produced by Zhongyi will be tested 48 hours before production). All performance indicators of the equipment meet the design requirements, and the processing capacity of 50 cubic meters per hour also achieves the expected results. This 2145 type mobile bounce screen can separate decoration waste into three types of materials, 3D materials (such as plastic, wood, metal, etc.) and 2D materials (film, paper, cardboard) and the material under the screen (sand, muck, etc.) ), thereby achieving comprehensive utilization of decoration waste.

装修垃圾变废为宝 化害为利
Turn decoration waste into treasure and harm into benefit

The mobile bouncing screen is composed of a plate feeder and a bouncing screen. It adopts integrated vehicle installation, independent production line, and steering traction axle, which facilitates road transportation and site penetration. The vehicle installation support makes the equipment site stationing quick and convenient.

Mobile bouncing screen + plate feeder

The working principle of the mobile bounce screen is to sort materials according to their different specific gravity. It is a special equipment for sorting construction and decoration waste, stale waste, domestic waste and other waste. The mobile bounce screen drives the screen plate to move up and down through the eccentric shaft, so that the garbage on the screen plate is shaken off, 3D materials will be bounced to the bottom of the screen, and 2D materials will be bounced to the screen, thereby achieving the purpose of garbage classification. . By adjusting the angle of the sieve plate, the sorting accuracy can be adjusted.

Bounce screening machine

At present, the Zhongyi mobile bouncing screening machine has been successfully shipped and will be shipped to Pingyang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. If you are willing to learn more, you can call or leave a message. A professional sales manager of mobile bouncing screen equipment will give you detailed answers online in real time.

Bounce screen sieves sand and slag

3D heavy material stones, wood, metal

2D materials film, plastic, woven fabric