Can Bouncing Screen Equipment Be Used For Stale Garbage Disposal? How Much Does A Bounce Screen Cost

Published:2023-08-24 Author:HWL

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The bouncing screen equipment can be used for stale garbage disposal. It is a new type of screening machine specially developed for garbage sorting and processing. It can quickly and accurately identify the types of various garbage and provide more refined garbage classification and processing services. Labor costs and operating expenses can also be saved through automated systems, and more optimized management of waste classification and treatment can be achieved.

Advantages of bouncing screen equipment

The characteristic of the bouncing screen is that it fully separates 2D objects (film, paper, packaging, etc.), 3D objects (glass, tiles, metal, etc.) in solid waste and screened materials (organic matter, sand, etc.) separation. Moreover, the sorting efficiency is higher, it is not easy to block, the operating power is small, the cleaning is more convenient, and the service life is longer.

Various solid waste sorting

Zhongyi Bounce Screen can also customize the screen hole size according to customer needs to ensure the screening effect and improve the sorting efficiency. At the same time, the screen plate is made of wear-resistant steel, which has stable operation and longer service life, and can ensure the early sorting effect. It facilitates subsequent processing and facilitates the recycling and reuse of stale garbage.

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