What Can Aged Waste Be Processed Into? How To Choose Equipment For The Production Line Of Aged Waste

Published:2023-09-12 Author:HWL

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With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous growth of population, garbage disposal has become an important issue in urban management. Stale garbage refers to organic waste that has decomposed or cannot be decomposed. The organic matter of stale garbage can be used to make organic fertilizer. This kind of organic fertilizer is widely used in agricultural production and landscaping. It can increase soil fertility and promote plant growth. Improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and mitigate environmental problems such as global warming and water pollution.

The stale garbage treatment production line generally consists of a sorting system, a crushing system, a screening system, a magnetic separation system, a classification system and a packaging system. The stale garbage treatment production line is an efficient garbage treatment equipment. Its main function is to screen and classify garbage impurities. , in order to separate valuable materials from garbage.

Choosing stale garbage treatment production line equipment is the key to ensuring the quality of garbage treatment projects. When selecting stale garbage screening equipment, you need to consider the service life, stability, processing capacity, efficiency, price and cost-effectiveness of the equipment to choose the appropriate garbage treatment equipment. It can ensure the quality of treatment projects, reduce labor and material costs, and at the same time protect the environment and bring better economic benefits to enterprises.

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