The 50-ton-per-hour Mobile Cobblestone Production Line Is Exported To The Philippines

The 50-ton-per-hour Mobile Cobblestone Production Line Is Exported To The Philippines

  • Handling materials:cobblestone
  • Processing Power:50t/h

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Case Introduction

Mobile cobblestone production line frame

Spring is a season full of vitality, beauty, magic and hope. In the Zhengzhou Zhongyi factory area, production and delivery are very busy, and every effort is made to ensure that customer orders are delivered on time. One of the fleets of vehicles fully loaded with cobblestone production lines is ready to go in the delivery area. Following the order, the lead car slowly drove away from the factory and headed across the ocean to the Philippines.

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Cobblestone is a green building material with hard quality, bright and simple color, and has the characteristics of pressure resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It has become the main source of sand for construction, and its profits have achieved positive growth. Fujian customers also chose cobblestone as the raw material for machine-made sand. Since the gravel factory has limited space and needs to frequently change sites, a mobile pebble production line was designed for it. After the project was put into production, the customer's production expectations were met in a short period of time, and the environmental protection, production capacity, operation and other effects were very good.

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cobblestone crusher delivery

Mobile crusher delivery

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