The Mobile Jaw Crusher Is Sent To Colombia To Help Customers Complete The Sand And Gravel Production

The Mobile Jaw Crusher Is Sent To Colombia To Help Customers Complete The Sand And Gravel Production

  • Handling materials:sand and gravel
  • Processing Power:60-100t/h

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Case Introduction

Recently, Zhengzhou Zhongyi Factory ushered in another delivery day. After the workers completed the loading work in a busy and orderly manner, several heavy-duty trucks loaded with high-quality mobile crushing equipment drove out of the factory gate one after another and rushed non-stop to customers in Colombia. On-site, help customers complete sand and gravel production line projects.

Mobile crusher equipment

The mobile jaw crusher produced by Zhengzhou Zhongyi can be used for a variety of materials such as limestone, granite, basalt, river pebbles, etc., and is suitable for hydropower, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries. The mobile jaw crusher is a piece of equipment developed according to market needs to facilitate mobile operations. The equipment is flexible in combination and has a variety of configurations. It can be configured according to actual needs. It can operate as a single machine or in combination with multiple machines. The mobile jaw crusher can directly enter the production site and has very low requirements for road transportation conditions. It also reduces the cost of transporting raw materials, thus saving time and transportation costs, which is both energy-saving and high-yield.

Shipping site

Feeding machine

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher loading

Mobile crushing plant

Mobile lithotripter

Tire crusher

Mobile crusher sent to customer site

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